This blog has been around for a while. Then I locked it up for a period in which I did not feel like writing much. But since after all Apologia Christi is a great name for a blog, I should actually do something about it.

However, when I consider the idea of giving an apology for Christ I realize that so much of what goes around in his name is quite contrary to Christ and does little to defend him or his message. This holds true for my own tradition, evangelicalism. The more time I spend there, the more I feel comfortable in the margin. The more I study theology the more I see serious flaws in evangelical theology working themselves out in the practice of evangelicals in the West. Now, it is tempting for me to think, that I am going to say how things are supposed to be or that I will show the way forward. I wish that were true, but I am human all too human. So I decide to remain an evangelical and make its margin my home. In these outskirts of the wider story that I am part of I can muse about ‘what ifs,’ think aloud as I’m going and send off some fire crackers here and there.

In the end, of course, this entire effort is part of a more serious project, namely, to help the church be the church by doing darn good theology. Good theology then is something that every theologian dreams about but few achieve. We don’t even have a working definition. Or wait, good theology is (at the very least) a Scripture informed construct to help the church fulfill its mission in this world given by Jesus in a way that does justice to the cultural and intellectual context in unity with the tradition of the Christian church throughout the centuries and in an effort to be sensitive and obedient to the voice of the Spirit to the glory of God. It sounds very evangelical, but actually it isn’t, I have discovered. In any case, as I wrote my definition I think I just integrated the quadrilateral, Trinity and missionality of the people of God. But definitions are too universal. That might be a problem…

Well, we’re on to something, I guess. We better get going.