Introducing Liberation Theology: A Review

July 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

Introducing Liberation TheologyIntroducing Liberation Theology by Leonardo Boff
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Leonardo and Clodovis Boff wrote ‘Introducing Liberation Theology’ together. Their theology is an ethical call to address the issue of wealth and poverty, or more precise, the reality of the poor and what we are to do with, or rather, are to respond to, their presence in the world. This theology is born out of the confrontation of predominantly Roman Catholic clergy with the grim reality of extreme poverty in Latin America in spite of the economic progress that was made in these countries during the 60s. It sometimes bears the marks of an ad hoc approach inspired by the urgency of the need of the poor and driven by the ethical response to it demanded by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Its main feature is the starting point of this theology, both spiritually and methodologically, with the existential plight of the oppressed. Spiritual because one encounters the suffering Christ in the poor; methodological, because proper a proper theology of liberation cannot do without first analyzing the structural underpinnings of poverty. Though dated, the book presents plenty of facts and figures that have become irrelevant, this is a fascinating read that still confronts our complacency and urges to action. While brief and concise overall, the Boffs show great theological erudition and are conversant with tradition, history and contemporary theology.

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