A mosque at Ground Zero?

August 29, 2010 § 2 Comments

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Recently Obama expressed his approval for the building of a mosque on Ground Zero. Who wouldn’t support such a fantastic initiative? What is more beautiful in the context of the fraternization of the world religions than to have declared enemies dig holes in each others garden? I could come up with a few other worthy initiatives that deserve all possible support because they will end all efforts to maintain controversies for the sake of remembering the fallen.

It is about time that the Palestinian flag is not just flying from Greta Duisenberg’s [1] garden, but that Arafat’s Palestinian shawl is put on display in the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam. I also don’t understand at all why ne0-nazis have not yet attempted to erect a monument in Auschwitz to honor Adolf Hitler. After all, that is the place where he has been most ‘effective.’

Victims really should stop singing their pity-party song by pointing at the injustice that has been done to them, by whom and why and when and in what way and under what circumstances. It is time for love, peace and… fun. Let’s heat up the crucible in which all opposites and controversies melt into one big miscreant of unity without truth and justice. Come on, let’s get that mosque going and lend the builders a hand. Are there radical sentiments among members of its lobby? Shhh! Don’t mention it. This is a unique chance to show that we are tolerant. We do not only turn the other cheek – no, we go further than Jesus – we debase ourselves, strip ourselves from our dignity and allow our haters a chance to laugh at us.

Actually, not a bad place for a mosque. Perhaps it will help future muslim terrorists to refrain from bringing down the new tower. Because that would then be the third time muslims attack that site; an unpleasant idea. Although, I don’t know if it will help much. Elsewhere in the world muslims are bombing the mosques of their own brothers.

As far as I’m concerned, building a mosque at Ground Zero serves neither peace nor truth and does little to aid sincere bridge building efforts between opposing worldviews.

This column was originally written for De Oogst, A Christian Magazine in the Netherlands.

[1] Greta Duisenberg is the widow of Wim Duisenberg, former president of the European Central Bank. She is a renowned supporter of the Palestinian cause and [from Wikipedia:] created a furor when she announced a plan to collect six million signatures in protest of Israeli policies in the Occupied Territories (the figure is thought to have been an allusion to the number of Holocaust victims of World War ).


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§ 2 Responses to A mosque at Ground Zero?

  • Reggie says:

    Are all Muslim’s terrorists? Perhaps if neo-nazi’s put a tribute to Hitler in Holocaust remembrance sites people would be rightly offeneded. In like manner if Neo-Alqaeda errected a tribute to Bin Laden people would rightly be offended. But not all Muslims are terrorists, not all Muslims see the Jihadists vision as a valid form of Islam. If we as residents of the United States want to persist in these stereotypes there is no possibility of healing between our civilizations. Therefore, the mosque should rightly be built in recognition that such stereotypes will not be authoritative. The first ammendent freedom of assembly would be in serious jeopardy if a mere stereotype is going to stand in the way. Therefore, it seems as if your analogy falls apart and it would seem in fact that the best way to overcome the stereotypes would be the building of the mosque.

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