Poem of the Week [10.7]

June 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

Another poem inspired by one of my favorite (wordless songs) that speak for themselves more clearly than words ever could. The impetus comes from The Gathering Sky by the Pat Metheny Group. A couple of years ago my daughter and I listened to this song while driving and we imagined how the song starts with a quite summer afternoon. In the distance however dark cloud formations gather and approach. Soon a breathtaking storm is unleashed until after rain, lightening and wind the quiet gentle atmosphere returns. Both of us didn’t realize that was exactly what the song was all about. Of course this poem has a much deeper meaning far beyond the mere description of a storm…

Gathering storm

I read it in a foreign sky
the whispering clouds entrusted me
don’t ask us where we fly
we’re following an unknown lead

I heard it in a stranger’s song
as wordless epic tales were formed
it drew me dreamily along
where big skies gather storm

At last my tearful eyes saw clear-
ly what these rumors were about
the wind blew all my faithless fear
as I sailed cumulative clouds

Some knowing, some unknowing still
perspectives on the divine will


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