Poem of the Week [10.3]

April 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

Salsa as a metaphor for the apotheosis of the spiritual life? Odd combination for sure, but I think it is feasible. I know that venerable gospel artist Andrae Crouch did just that on one of his albums. Although his salsa heaven can hardly be distinguished from the usual black gospel he used to make, I think it was a worthwhile effort. In any case, here is my salsa heaven by way of the echo of a distant drum. Enjoy.


(El eco d’un tambo)

I’ll soon be traveling down south
to where the sun is shining bright
soneros sing with golden mouth
each evening is brought to light

The echo of a distant drum
a promise, faint but with persistence
across the river I will swim
unbeaten by my pain’s resistance

My song might sound like a cadence
My progress staggers, still I stand
To different songs I will yet dance
to rythms reigning in that land

A fiesta will at last commence
when I arrive at my wits’ end


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