Perspective On Suffering [II]

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As I wrote in my previous post on this topic the course Perspectives On Evil and Suffering is around the corner. Here is another perspective, that of music. I remember that when I went through a very rough time in the early 90s music kept me going. Church didn’t help much in those days. God seemed rather far away, but there were certain artists (Pat Metheny, Yellow Jackets) whose music I returned to again and again for a glimpse of hope. God is in the aestetic more than we realize. « Read the rest of this entry »


Aquinas and the Integrated Worldview [II]

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II. Thomas Aquinas the scholastic

By examining Aquinas’ integrated worldview ―with a particular interest in the relationship between faith and reason (and more specifically the supernatural and the natural) as we find it in the Summa Theologiae― I intend to show that his thinking presents a good example of a successful synthesis that warrants examination for clues as to how to mend the disintegration of the Western worldview in the twenty-first century and to counter its effects on the Evangelical Movement. « Read the rest of this entry »

Perspective On Suffering [I]

March 24, 2010 § 2 Comments

Soon some of us will be deeply involved in suffering. Perspectives On Evil and Suffering that is, our 3rd Quarter Course at Bethel Seminary. Soon we will be steeped in the thought of Plantinga and throw in some godforsaken Open Theism to let God off the hook. Before we get there, a poetical approach might do. With a dose of humor. What would suffering be without it? « Read the rest of this entry »

Aquinas and the Integrated Worldview [I]

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I. The Collapse of the Western Worldview

This is a four part series on the synthesis between faith and reason by medieval theologian and philosopher Thomas Aquinas. Our Western civilization is in dire need of a worldview that integrates once again the supernatural with the natural. Aquinas might be able to show us the way ahead.

The Western worldview is falling apart. It is not as though there is an empirically observable thing called worldview that can be looked at, nor are tremors felt or explosions heard. The Western worldview ―that wonderful set of glasses with which we examine, categorize and engage with the world based on beliefs of what reality is really like― is slowly breaking down. Its demise has been four hundred years in the making. People go on with their daily business as if all is ‘quiet on the Western Front’, but just as the vault lines underground are invisibly preparing for an earthquake so Western Thought has eaten away the very foundations of our civilization. « Read the rest of this entry »

The Greatest Adventure Yet

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You like to travel far and wide
climb astutely arid mountains
take foreign cultures in your stride
throw rusty coins in ancient fountains

But then just invitational
a faint and otherworldy friend
so close and yet ineffable
takes you beyond an unknown bend

Though an adventure just the same
he shows from what you would refrain
it leaves your deepest fear untamed
and leads along a higher plane

to real uncharted territory
This is adventure’s greatest story

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